October 13, 2023

Feature Releases

Horizon Automated Classes

The Horizon platform now automatically creates classes at each school based on grade level enrollment (8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th) and accommodations status (Timed/Untimed). These automated classes will only show up if at least 1 student is enrolled for that type of class (i.e. 10th Grade Untimed will not show up if there are no 10th Grade Students with the Untimed accommodations status) and will automatically stay up do date with newly added students or updated accommodations status.

In the Class Settings panel for Admins/Teachers, these classes are read only and cannot be modified. A message is shown at the top of the screen alerting users that these are automatically created classes.

The addition of these new automated classes makes assigning assessments and viewing results for entire grade levels of students much easier than in the past.

Roster Exports

Users now have the ability to export entire user lists and class roster lists

Assessment Monitoring Update

School Admins now have an “Entire School’ option at the top of the class drop down menu in the assessment monitoring page.

Class Rostering Update

School Admins now have the ability to add students to individual classes via spreadsheet upload.

Data Export Updates

Users will no longer receive emails notifying them of when downloads are complete. The notification message has been updated to instruct them to click on the 'Export Downloads' button, which has been newly added to to the top right of every student results page.

Bug Fixes

  • Score & Response Data Exports: Previously these data files included every student at the school, regardless if they took or were assigned the assessment. Now these files only show students that were assigned or completed at least one section of the assessment.

  • Account activation emails will no longer be automatically sent to users rostered via Clever/ClassLink syncs.

  • Class lists for Teacher Admins/Teachers are now correctly sorting alphabetically.

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