December 15, 2023

Feature Releases

New Assessment Assignment Builder

The assessment assignment process has received a significant overhaul, with an updated interface and additional features that include:

  • Ability to assign assessments to entire grade levels of students

  • Ability to assign to specific grade level students within classes you are assigning to

  • Ability to assign multiple sections of the assessment on the same screen

  • Ability to set a date/time that score reports become visible to students after completing their assessments

  • Additional timing settings for each assessment section

  • Control over the amount of time the Horizon platform auto-submits a students assessment section after starting an assessment

  • Options to show/hide the pause button, save and exit button, and text to speech reader

Desmos Graphing Calculator

The Desmos Graphing Calculator is now available for students on all SAT and ACT Math assessment sections. To access, students simply need to click the 'Graphing Calculator' button located under each math item.

Assessment Section Live Monitoring

Our assessment monitoring page has received an upgrade with the additional ability to 'Live Monitor' individual assessment sections. Teachers and Admins can now view students progress in the test, which question they are working on, and live proctoring tools such as the ability to pause, delete, or submit assessment sections for students.

District Admin Export Tool

District Admins now have a tool to request score and response exports for each school in your District directly from the new 'Exports' navigation tab. All requested exports will be generated as separate excel files and downloaded as a single zip file.

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